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Identifying & Caring for Sick Trees

Tree Health Care Services in the Temecula CA

If you have trees on your property in the Temecula, California area, that don't seem to be as healthy as they once were, JP Tree Service can help. Our tree doctors provide professional health evaluations and checkups. A thinning canopy, small holes in the bark, and discolored leaves are some of the indicators that the experienced tree doctors at JP Tree Service are trained to assess and identify. Having a certified arborists diagnose and treat any problems prevents the spread of disease and further damage to your landscape.

What We Do:

Caring for trees includes regular evaluation for insect infestation and disease before they look sick. Insects can quickly and significantly damage a tree if left unchecked. We have several disease and insect-control options for serious threats such as the Emerald Ash Borer and more.

Tree Root Protection:

Many tree problems start underground at the roots. Poor growth, girdling of roots and pest problems can often be traced back to an incorrectly planted tree. JP Tree Service arborists use removal of soil and mulch from the trunk area and professional root collar excavation to correct such problems. Specialized root pruning with advanced equipment is also an option we use for preserving optimal tree health.

Soil Assessment:

Soil assessment at the roots of your trees is an environmentally sound approach to optimal tree care. Trees, shrubs, and hedges are less vulnerable to damage from disease and adverse climate conditions when proper soil compaction and nutrient deficiencies are identified, and you rectify them promptly.

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